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Membership in our exclusive driving and non-driving Club for 2020.

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Initiation Fee $500.  One time Fee for new Members. Local and out of area, driving and non-driving.

Drive on Member days. Special rates for renting clubhouse. Occasional use of track during off hours for you and a guest.

 GR Club “Click Here” and Open Track Dates 2020


Driving Guidelines and Track Day Rules 2020

MPH Guardrail Club 2020 Track Days “Click Here” Guidelines and Rules

 What is a qualified driver at MPH to drive on the Road Course? (See next line about GS101)

MPH Driving Schools- “Click Here” Become-a-Qualified-Driver-2020


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about Joining the GR Club

All you need to know about becoming a member
    Let us know what you're interested in and we will be back in touch with more details. New members have a "One Time Initiation" fee of $500 plus annual membership.
    If you are a qualified driver for a Road Course let us know. If you're not then we can help you schedule an appropiate driving school to help you become a driving member.