RV Spots

Renting an RV spot for your hauler, pickup and trailer is easy

Available Locations and Information

  •  North side of main paddock spots 1 thru 20 (West to East) $20-$80
  • East end of Paddock behind Hot Pit fence #21 thru 30 (West to East) $75 to $125
  •  20/30/50 AMP plugins
  • Bring an extension cord for 50 AMP if you have long hauler.
  • We offer one fresh city water faucet when you enter the paddock just past the security building.
  • MPH has Showers and bathrooms with plenty of hot water! (5 men and 3 women).

Contact us for RSVP


    Rent an RV Spot

    Need power 20/30/50 AMP for your RV.
      Pick the power your unit needs first.
      These are the usual Pickup and Trailer spots parked at 45 degree angle with large groups. Larger Coaches and Stackers too. These are 25' wide x 75' deep at an angle parking.
      For larger Haulers with trailers 20' wide a 50' long.

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