Breaking News:  East/West Viper Rendezvous Competitors….      Traveling Trophy, reportedly STOLEN at the banquet

At the Saturday night Banquet June 8th 2019 at the Elks Club, Ryan Furstenau announced the winners of the East vs West Shootout Competition and presented the West drivers with the traveling trophy.  Ryan said Furstenau Financial would hold it as it is to be a traveling trophy.  Unfortunately when Ryan was packing up to leave, the trophy was missing.
I happened to be standing next to one of the quickest drivers at the meet, and heard him mumbling under his breath, “This trophy should be going home with me”.  Naturally my interest was piqued so I asked him why that was a good idea?  He said “you know what’s going to happen, the East boys are going to invite us out there this fall and we will be on their turf, poof there goes our trophy and I’m not gonna let that happen.”
Well, it made sense to me so I thought I would keep an eye on this gent.  Sure enough, caught him going out the door with it.  Anybody know  this driver? I’m told he is damn hard to catch.

You East Coast boys better be finding your own trophy to present, cause pretty sure this fella plans on taking that one home too!

Bob Woodhouse
Viper Enthusiast
I am glad Bob sent me this as I have been looking for that trophy!

Ryan Furstenau

Furstenau Financial