Guardrail Club – Membership

2021 Guardrail Memberships:

Elite Membership$2500 Allows the member to access the track at their convenience in addition to the scheduled Guardrail Track Days.  The track is open for this member and guests (up to 6 cars total) by reservation on otherwise unscheduled dates.  Qualified driving guests for private days pay a fee of $200/day.  Includes 10 Guest Pass Discounts of $100 for scheduled Guardrail Days ($1000 Value) and MPH Elite Member Decal

Driving Membership – $650 Allows member unlimited participation at scheduled Guardrail Track Days. One-time initiation fee of $450 for new members.   Includes 5 Guest Pass Discounts of $100 for Guardrail Days ($500 Value)

Social Membership$150

All Memberships include:

  • Free Admission for any gate fee for any event at MPH
  • Monthly Membership Nights w/Appetizers, Reduced Price Drinks at “The Well at MPH.” Stay tuned for particulars
    • Note: The Well at MPH is now an independently run bar/restaurant. In addition to catering MPH events, including member days on request. It has been open to the public on Thursday, Friday (with dinner menu), and Saturday. Join us to stop in for a drink, or a meal, to show our support. They have done a great job this year supporting our events with great food selections.
  • Parade Laps for friends and family just before and after each Guardrail Track Day
  • $50 discount on “The Well at MPH “Club House Rental (Birthday’s, Graduations, Anniversary, etc.)
  • Discount for Corporate Events at MPH
  • Guided MPH Owner Garage Tours

New Members, If you do not hold a qualifying track driving credential, you will need to complete an MPH Driving School (GS101) before driving with the Guardrail Club.  GS101 is combined with Guardrail Track Days on May 7th, June 4th, July 19th, and August 13th.

“Click Here” to register for GS101 at Motorsport Reg.Com (those who are new to will be asked to create an account)

GR Club and Open Track Day – Guidelines and Rules 2021 ” Click Here”

GR Club and Open Track Dates 2021 “Click Here”

“Click Here” to learn about other ways to become a qualified driver.


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All you need to know about becoming a member
    Let us know what you're interested in and we will be back in touch with more details. New Driving Members have a "One Time Initiation" fee of $450, plus annual membership.
    If you are a qualified driver for a Road Course let us know. If you're not then we can help you schedule an appropiate driving school to help you become a driving member.