MPM Guardrail Club – About our Club

The purpose of the MPH Guardrail Club is to provide our driving members with a fun, organized and well-run series of monthly driving events during the season. Our goal is to provide our members with an outstanding value for your driving investment.

All our Guardrail Club members are expected to be safe, courteous, and respectful of their fellow members, both on the track and in the paddock. Everyone drives by the same rules. Guardrail Club members are our “track family”, sharing our passion for driving our cars on the track and taking pride in being part of performance driving community.

ALL driving membership levels (Driving and Elite) must have verifiable on-track, performance driving education and experience. If you are a new member with NO previous and verifiable on-track experience, you will need to attend one of MPH Driving Schools to earn your “approved driver” status for future Guardrail Club driving events.

The Bottom Line: Our MPH Guardrail Club provides our members with the lowest cost per available road course driving day membership in the United States. Period. If you have ANY questions about our MPH Guardrail Club and the various membership levels, please give me a call at the number listed below. We sincerely hope you will join our club for the BEST value performance driving membership in the country.

See you at the track!

Jeff Lacina
General Manager

MPH Guardrail Club Membership Levels

Elite Membership – $3500 Allows the member to access the track at their convenience in addition to the scheduled Guardrail Track Days.  The track is open for this member and guests (up to 6 cars total) by reservation on otherwise unscheduled dates.  Qualified driving guests for private days pay a fee of $200/day.  Includes 10 Guest Pass Discounts of $100 for scheduled Guardrail Days ($1000 Value) and MPH Elite Member Decal

  • Elite members must contact the track to schedule their reservations. Email: 

Driving Membership – $800 Allows member unlimited participation at scheduled Guardrail Track Days. One-time initiation fee of $450 for new members.   Includes 5 Guest Pass Discounts of $100 for Guardrail Days ($500 Value)

Social Membership – $150

All Memberships include:

  • Free Admission for any gate fee for any event at MPH
  • Monthly Membership Nights w/Appetizers, Reduced Price Drinks at “The Well at MPH.” Stay tuned for particulars
    • Note: The Well at MPH is an independently run bar/restaurant. In addition to catering MPH events, including member days on request. It has been open to the public on Thursday, Friday (with dinner menu), and Saturday. Join us to stop in for a drink, or a meal, to show our support. They have do a great job in supporting our events with wonderful food selections.
  • Parade Laps for friends and family just before and after each Guardrail Track Day
  • $50 discount on “The Well at MPH “Club House Rental (Birthday’s, Graduations, Anniversary, etc.)
  • Discount for Corporate Events at MPH
  • Guided MPH Owner Garage Tours

New Members: If you do not hold a qualifying track driving credential, you will need to complete an MPH Driving School 101 before driving with the Guardrail Club.  Our MPH Driving School 101 will be available on select Guardrail Track Days. See the calendar for dates.

Register for MPH Driving School 101 at Motorsport Reg.Com (those who are new to will be asked to create an account)

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