Motorsport Park Hastings Green Flags Track Repaving Project

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Hastings, Nebraska, Oct 22, 2021 – Track officials announce plans to completely repave the 2.15-mile, 13-turn asphalt road course. This is the first repaving project at the facility since its original construction during the spring and summer of 2006. Hastings, Nebraska-based Werner Construction has been awarded the project by the owner/partners of the facility with work already underway. The track will re-open in the spring of 2022 to a very appreciative customer base.

“We are incredibly excited about this project,” says Jeff Lacina, General Manager at Motorsport Park Hastings. “Resurfacing the entire road course and pit lane is a significant investment by the MPH owner-partners back into the facility. This should be a clear indication of just how committed and serious we are about making MPH an even better facility for motorsport enthusiasts from around the region and the country.”

Warner Construction will be handling the entire project from start to finish. “Honestly, we couldn’t ask for a better group of paving professionals,” notes Lacina, “they are fully aware of the intricacies and attention to detail involved with resurfacing a race track.”

Lacina adds that Werner Construction was the original paving contractor for the initial track paving operation. “The fact that the original racing surface and subbase survived 14 harsh Nebraska summers and winters is a testament to the quality of their original work,” notes Lacina. He also adds that the original surface has zero “patches” made to the original surface despite the hard use and brutal winters.

The gradual hardening process of asphalt, referred to as asphalt aging, is generally described as a change in the rheological properties of the asphalt binders and mixture due to changes in the chemical composition of the asphalt material itself. As asphalt ages and is driven on, the material gradually loses its ability expand and contract without cracking as well as the ability to hold onto the aggregate that provides surface traction.

“Every asphalt surface has an expected service life,” says Lacina. “Race tracks certainly don’t get as much traffic as city streets or highways, but the traffic we do get puts a great deal of leverage and wear and tear into the asphalt, especially the driving surface and edges of the track.”

“Having done the original paving back in 2006, we are very proud to be involved with the reconstruction of the MPH track surface,” says Phil Werner, President of Werner Construction Inc. “I am a huge motorsports enthusiast and have been involved with the track since the beginning. Motorsport Park Hastings has always been a point of pride for our company, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for the new ownership, management and track itself. All of our employees involved with the repaving project feel the same way.”

Werner points out that the original ownership followed their recommendation for using a lime stabilized subbase during initial construction. This has been a significant factor in the track’s base to survive this extreme climate and temperature range of central Nebraska. “A solid foundation is key to any project,” notes Werner, “especially a race track with cars, motorcycles and go-karts using every inch of the surface.”

Project Overview
The entire repaving project will be conducted by Werner Construction and will consist of the following operations: cutting and refilling longitudinal and transverse cracks, followed by milling or griding off the old surface. The final operation will be applying tack oil to the milled surface to provide a bond for the all-new asphalt driving surface that will be put down by a state-of-the-art paver brought in specifically for the Motorsport Park Hastings project. Werner Construction will also do a “ribbon cut” of the first paving pass along the paved edge. This cut will provide a smoother, more consistent edge for the second paving pass, resulting better pass-to-pass paving seam integration and a ultimately smoother racing surface.

“As a team, we looked at many samples of asphalt mixes,” says Lacina. “The folks at Werner Construction provided us with several samples and mixes they had developed. Ultimately, we went with their top recommendation for aggregate sizing and oil/polymer combination. We know our customers are really going to enjoy driving and racing on this all-new surface.”

Another exciting element of the repaving operations: the track will be paved in just two passes around most of the track. “This means we will end up with a racing surface with just two paving seams versus the three-pass, two-seam asphalt from the old surface,” notes Lacina. “This will provide an even smoother driving, riding and racing surface for our guest and Guardrail Club members.”

“Our goal is to provide MPH and all the enthusiast who come here with the smoothest and most durable driving surface in the country,” adds Werner. “I can wait to get out there and drive it myself!”

Due to the timing of the repaving operations, the track is closed for 2021 but will be opening in the spring of 2022. “We can’t wait to get drivers, riders and racers onto our new surface,” says Lacina. “Be sure to watch our Facebook page for project and 2022 schedule updates.”

About Warner Construction
Werner Construction is proud to be a third-generation, family-owned business in Nebraska. We operate with a mission of quality and safety, and boost regional economies with quality, long-term jobs.

Founded by George Werner in 1936 and incorporated in 1960, Werner Construction is an industry leader in asphalt paving, concrete paving, and aggregate application. Our projects span Nebraska and the Midwest.

Our rapid growth can be traced to 1949, when Werner Construction received a Nebraska Department of Roads contract to operate one of the first state-owned asphalt plants in Nebraska. This plant allowed us to enter the paving business in the early 1960s, and we’ve been at it ever since.

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