WKA Karting

2022 WKA Ignite Karting Nebraska: Race Classes

Class: Junior
Ages: 11 – 15
Min. Weight: 320 lbs

Class: Masters
Ages: 16
Min. Weight: 370 lbs

Class: Heavy Weight
Ages: Open
Min. Weight: 400 lbs

Min. weight is post-race and kart (as raced), driver, gear and ballast (if needed)

  • Added ballast must be securely attached to the kart

2022 WKA Ignite Karting Nebraska: Current Point Standings (as of 4/25/22)

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WKA Ignite Karting Nebraska is now part of the Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series

Our WKA Ignite Karting Nebraska race series competitors are all powered by Briggs & Stratton 206 engines. Learn more about Briggs & Stratton racing here and details about the 206 racing engine.


  • If under 18 but over 5′ tall you will need a WKA PARENTAL CONSENT form & MINOR CONSENT WAIVER (MUST SIGN AT TRACK)
  • All drivers and crew need a WKA wrist band available at the track
  • If you have your own helmet it needs to be an SM2015 or SA2015 or newer.
  • Long pants and good walking shoes required (no flip flops or sandals)

2022 Prices

  • $55 each driver – covers track time, WKA wristband
  • $10 Transponders (or bring your own and give us the code so we can enter in advance)
  • $10 each for crew WKA wristband
  • No Concession Kart rentals available


2022 Images

Final 2021 Points Standing

2021 Images


Gallery 9/20/2020


Gallery 9/13/2020