Driving School

HPDE High Performance Driver Education GS101 at MPH

Become a qualified driver that can utilize the Road Course.

School Dates for 2021 are scheduled.

  • HPDE driving School Registration coming soon (see below)
  • The school is $395
  • I understand I must be at least 18 years old and have a valid drivers license.
  • Complete our school in the morning and get a FREE Guardrail Club driving Track afternoon
  • Qualifies you for joining our Guardrail Driving Club.
  • Contact the track for private individual school options.

Other Driving School GS101 Printable Information

Sign up for GS101 Driving School  “CLICK HERE” to find the school for you at motorsportreg.com (those who are new to motorsportreg.com will be asked to create an account).

Let us know you’re interested in a 2021 GS101 driving school.

School Registration for 2021

  • Describe the car you will be using at the school. Make, color, automatic or manual shift? etc.
  • Do you have a SA2015 helmet or newer?