Viper Rendezvous

MPH 2021 Annual Viper Rendezvous XII & HPDE

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Gates open for Parking 9:00 AM Thursday June 10th

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MPH 2020 Annual Viper Rendezvous & HPDE

Gates open for Parking 9:00 AM Thursday June 4th

2020 Information and Registration “CLICK HERE”

Our MPH Calendar page 2020 link

Schedule 2020

2020 Gallery

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2019 Gallery

2019 Lap times under 1:30

East-West Trophy Stolen

Registration is now closed (SOLD OUT) 12/28/18 3:45 PM – Check in with Ryan Furstenau for waiting list! Thank you!

2019 Registration and Information Click Here

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Flyer 2019




Official 2018 Results

2018 Viper Results



 Thanks Frank for organizing the great Pennzoil Platinum Ultra 0w40 for the drivers!

Official 2017 Results

Gallery 2017 Rendezvous VIII