Guardrail Club – Membership

Membership in our exclusive driving and non-driving Club for 2020.

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Initiation Fee $500.  One time Fee for new Members. Local and out of area, driving and non-driving.

Drive on Member days. Special rates for renting clubhouse. Occasional use of track during off hours for you and a guest.

  • Driving Membership  $550/year  
  • Non-Driving Membership  $150/year  
  • Elite Membership “Contact George” for more information about this unlimited track time membership” 
  • Elite member Schedule Reservations Elite Member Schedule

 GR Club “Click Here” and Open Track Dates 2020


Driving Guidelines and Track Day Rules 2020

MPH Guardrail Club 2020 Track Days “Click Here” Guidelines and Rules

 What is a qualified driver at MPH to drive on the Road Course? (See next line about GS101)

MPH Driving Schools- “Click Here” Become-a-Qualified-Driver-2020


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about Joining the GR Club

All you need to know about becoming a member
    Let us know what you're interested in and we will be back in touch with more details. New members have a "One Time Initiation" fee of $500 plus annual membership.
    If you are a qualified driver for a Road Course let us know. If you're not then we can help you schedule an appropiate driving school to help you become a driving member.